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There has been a revolutionary change in the translation industry due to new and powerful neural machine translation engines like DeepL, Amazon Translate, Google, and more. Because of the range of quality in these services, customers have never been more unsure about whether machine translation is right for their particular text. We bring certainty to the uncertainty of neural machine translation with three offerings: Our neural machine translation plus proofreading service, our text-review consultancy, and the TCA, a next-generation text diagnostic tool that answers the customer’s urgent question “Is my text right for neural machine translation?” while offering the best processing recommendations.

Read our white paper on the TCA, our text complexity assessment tool for neural machine translation.


Our services

We bring certainty to the uncertainty of neural machine translation. From our translation service to our text-review consultancy and the TCA, we allow you to use neural machine translation with confidence – to save time and money.


NMT + proofreading

Click below and submit your standardized text. After using the best neural machine translation engine, your text is proofread by our experts and often returned within just a few hours. Quality is guaranteed – and at only 10 cents per word. Learn more about our workflow here. Need transcreation? Go to


Text Review

Don’t know whether your documentation is suitable for neural machine translation? We grade each of your texts on a five-point scale indicating the required human post-editing effort. We can tell you which texts are perfect for NMT and which ones require human translation. It’s the best option before you use DeepL or Amazon and end up with unwanted results.



The Text Complexity Assessment tool (TCA) diagnoses customers’ individual texts and tells them the ideal mix between human and machine translation based on metrics such as estimated speed, price, processing time, and editing operations. It’s perfect for agencies and business customers with a high volume of texts. Click here to get our TCA white paper!


June 2018

Reaction to our Text Complexity Assessment tool:

The TCA is an interesting application, with a potential for real life usage…one click after an upload of a file (or copy paste) and it gives you good, explained recommendations.

Definitely a new approach on how to handle projects from the beginning, and possibly save a lot of money either for yourself (if you are an agency) or for your customer (if you want to pass on the savings to them, why not). There is a lot of potential here.
— Nenad Andricsek, Managing Director, MiniTPMS (

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